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Antonius in de Orthodoxe kerk
Griekenland - Libanon - Beirut - Qozhaya klooster -

January 17th: St Anthony the Great of Egypt. Abba Anthony, pray to the Lord for us.
Een mij onbekende locatie. Grieks orthodox gezang.
Saint Anthony the Great Troparion in Arabic
Saint Anthony the Great Troparion in Arabic 1:02

Chanted by the Choir of Beirut - Lebanon

Qozhaya klooster
The Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great (Mar Antonios al-Kabir) is situated at a height of 950 meters above sea level in the celebrated Valley of Qozhaya, " the Living Treasure ", in the Zghorta district of North Lebanon.

The pine trees and oak trees cover the great hills surrounding it. Fruit trees of every description grow all along the valley which extends into the Valley of Qannubin to form the great Qadisha Valley, thus bearing witness to the history of eremitic life and the quest for holiness in Lebanon.

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